Mental Health seperator

Mental health has slowly made its entry into the vocabulary of urban India but it’s far from the acceptance required to help nearly 14% of the Indian population with mental health issues cope.

In this mental health journalism project we look for the questions we should be asking on how we – with our individual biological and psychological make-up –interact with an ever changing society and its culture, discrimination, innovation and evolving semantics. How prepared is our health system to cope with the issue? Are the new rising tech solutions the way forward or are they band-aids on a gaping deficit of mental health experts?

The first of the series will explore India’s relationship with screens and what impact these relatively new but needed additions are making to our emotional health and how we can make them work for us.


This Yin and Yang of Screens

19 August 2022
We’ve never been more involved with our screens but is the relationship a healthy one? Even as Indians spent 4.7 hours on average on their phones in 2021, how much is too much?

How the Phone You Chucked is Killing Seelampur

11 January 2021
The story of a teenage boy Aman is common among the 30,000 men, women and children who expose themselves to toxic fumes, acid splashes and lasting injuries in Seelampur, the town where all our old phones go to die.


22 December 2022
Exploring the enduring legacy of Shamnad Basheer, whose life's journey reshaped India's legal landscape and inspired a generation of social change-makers.

Behind the glamour of YouTube are wrung out stars

27 November 2018
Unveiling the journey through YouTube stardom, this narrative exposes the challenges creators face in maintaining a relentless pace of content creation, combating online harassment, and striving to find equilibrium amid the unpredictable sway of algorithms. It illuminates the unseen hardships lurking behind the digital screen.