A media lab for creating stories as public goods

With the evolution of FactorDaily’s storytelling approach came an unexpected opportunity that expanded our mission beyond traditional journalism. We realised we were at a position where we could share our learnings, particularly with mission-driven organisations and nonprofits, in storytelling, narrative design, and community building.

That’s how FactorDaily Media Lab came to life. Among the vast opportunities that exist for us in this space, we offer journalism as education, conduct workshops and mentoring sessions on the art and craft of narrative design, podcast production, storytelling in diverse formats, and community engagement through this initiative.

We struck a multi-year partnership with EkStep, an education nonprofit. Our collaboration was to provide their team with storytelling and narrative workshops.

The origin story of EkStep captured in a book that was released in 2022. The book was a culmination of interviews, in-depth conversations on how EkStep came into existence.

This initiative has given us a sustainable and ethical funding source, allowing us to continue our slow journalism unimpeded by the conventional constraints of ads and subscriptions. It fuels our day-to-day operations and aligns seamlessly with our mission of creating human-centric stories and societal impact. Our approach aligns financial sustainability with purpose in a landscape where traditional revenue streams often struggle to support the cause of in-depth journalism. As a nonprofit, we are now attracting focused grants from individuals and organisations who believe in a particular story or a community project and want to support it.