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Globally, humans spend roughly seven hours on screens every day. The blurring lines and frequent transitions between the online and offline world translates to how human beings now perceive, think and act in the real world heavily inspired by their own digital world. The content we consume, the conversations we have with strangers or acquaintances online and the amount of time we spend on these screens largely translates to our thoughts, the effects it has on our mental and physical being, and very often our actions in real life. In a large way online culture has evolved and become a part of our actual real world culture.

Through this project, we aim to tell stories that are a part of internet culture and largely affect human society. Internet culture much like actual culture finds diverse and fascinating patterns as we navigate through it. For example, in a country like India where digital literacy is skyrocketing with more than half a billion internet users consuming and creating internet content in multiple regional languages, internet culture is varying, constantly evolving and finding unique trends emerging from different parts of the country. At FactorDaily, through our stories and conversations, we will focus on these pockets of the internet that are interesting, unique and connect the online and offline society.


World’s Insomniacs Find Cure in Indian Barber Massage Videos

27 March 2023
Indian Youtubers have found a global audience devouring videos of Indian barbers performing vigorous massages. These massages shot at rustic roadside salons relaxes stressed consumers and even help them fall asleep.
Further coverage

Indian Teens Vent, Stan and Socialise on Discord

24 November 2021
Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2015, Discord is a platform that allows users to build and engage with like-minded members through chat, voice and video channels.

How the Phone You Chucked is Killing Seelampur

11 January 2021
The story of a teenage boy Aman is common among the 30,000 men, women and children who expose themselves to toxic fumes, acid splashes and lasting injuries in Seelampur, the town where all our old phones go to die.


22 December 2022
Exploring the enduring legacy of Shamnad Basheer, whose life's journey reshaped India's legal landscape and inspired a generation of social change-makers.

This Yin and Yang of Screens

19 August 2022
We’ve never been more involved with our screens but is the relationship a healthy one? Even as Indians spent 4.7 hours on average on their phones in 2021, how much is too much?