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FactorDaily is a nonprofit journalism lab that combines learning with doing. We are a tiny, slow, and human-centric journalism lab which focuses on a few topics as multi-year projects, staying away from news cycles. With our Fellowship Program, we help journalists and non-journalists tell stories that matter in society. Our formats of storytelling include physical spaces, audio, animation and text. We tell stories that travel from, or to, the communities.

The human-scale journalism we advocate for is not just about scale but depth and richness. 

In an era consumed by numbers and scale, we often forget that one person makes an audience. One single, attentive listener is not just a tick mark on the scale of readership but a meaningful connection. The “one-to-one” engagement ratio holds more value than we give it credit for. Our relentless pursuit of larger audiences and greater outreach distracts us from this very essence of journalism: the impact on the ‘one.’

At FactorDaily, we believe that the art of slowing down, of genuinely engaging with a story and its subjects, offers a narrative richness that the rapid-fire news cycle simply cannot replicate.

FactorDaily’s mission is to inspire a return to these roots, embracing the joys of one-on-one connections and, in turn, rejuvenating the true spirit of journalism. It’s about recognizing that, sometimes, tiny is indeed mighty, slow can be impactful and human-centric is valuable and indispensable in our shared pursuit of truth.

The Team

Pankaj Mishra

Journalist and Co‑founder

Shadma Shaikh

Journalist and Co‑founder

Sehar Dabur

CEO and Co‑founder

Somesh Kumar

Art Director and Co‑founder
Pankaj Mishra is a journalist and co-founder of FactorDaily, with a career spanning over two decades and multiple newsrooms, from The Economic Times and Mint to TechCrunch and Times of India. Pankaj sees, hears, and feels stories and then shares them in a way that creates a connection, whether with one person or a wider audience. For Pankaj, one attentive listener is not just a tick mark on the scale of readership but a meaningful connection. “Even one is an audience,” he often says, a philosophy that has become the cornerstone of FactorDaily’s approach to journalism. Pankaj takes storytelling into physical spaces, creating intimate environments where stories aren’t just told; they’re experienced. Whether it’s a community meetup or a one-on-one session on a train journey, he finds fulfilment in these personal exchanges. His work isn’t confined to the written word; it comes alive in sound, audio, and digital spaces, each format offering a different facet of the story.
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Shadma Shaikh is a technology journalist and cofounder at FactorDaily with a journalism career spanning a decade of covering business, technology and startups with newsrooms like The Economic Times and Deccan Chronicle in the past. Known for her work around internet platforms and digital culture, Shadma is now reimagining storytelling and building new journalistic narratives at FactorDaily.
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Sehar Dabur is the CEO and Co‑founder at FactorDaily where she spearheads community projects, curates essential processes, ensures smooth operation, and holds the fort together for the organisation to achieve its goals. A CA-Inter by qualification, Sehar has worked at organisations like Luthra & Luthra Chartered Accountants, Punj Lloyd Limited and Max Life Insurance in the past. She also founded Maharaas Choreography Craft and is a founding member of Mogly’s Gurukul—a Spiritual Activity Centre for children in Delhi/NCR. 
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Somesh Kumar is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Bengaluru. He worked as an editorial designer at Amar Chitra Katha before starting a small design studio called By Two Design with Hazel Karkaria. He has taught graphic design subjects at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, DJ Academy of Design, NID and CEPT, Ahmedabad. He is currently working on his graphic novel, Little by Little, which captures his life growing up in different parts of Bihar. At FactorDaily, he helps to visualise the narratives for web and print format.
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