Shadma Shaikh Journalist and Co‑founder
Shadma Shaikh is a technology journalist and cofounder at FactorDaily with a journalism career spanning a decade of covering business, technology and startups with newsrooms like The Economic Times and Deccan Chronicle in the past. Known for her work around internet platforms and digital culture, Shadma is now reimagining storytelling and building new journalistic narratives at FactorDaily.

Stories by
Shadma Shaikh

World’s Insomniacs Find Cure in Indian Barber Massage Videos

27 March 2023
Indian Youtubers have found a global audience devouring videos of Indian barbers performing vigorous massages. These massages shot at rustic roadside salons relaxes stressed consumers and even help them fall asleep.

Indian Teens Vent, Stan and Socialise on Discord

24 November 2021
Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2015, Discord is a platform that allows users to build and engage with like-minded members through chat, voice and video channels.

Behind the glamour of YouTube are wrung out stars

27 November 2018
Unveiling the journey through YouTube stardom, this narrative exposes the challenges creators face in maintaining a relentless pace of content creation, combating online harassment, and striving to find equilibrium amid the unpredictable sway of algorithms. It illuminates the unseen hardships lurking behind the digital screen.