Promise of Privacy

Last Updated:
15th November 2020

We live in a world where every byte of personal, behavioural data is tracked and mined in the name of understanding users better. There are hundreds of cookies that pounce on users the moment they open a website. Email subscribers are tracked on every metric–from exact time of opening emails, to how often they click on website addresses mentioned in the emails, and so on.

While researching for tools promising absolute privacy for our readers, I came across this blog by The Markup editor, Julia Angwin titled “Hello from The Markup.” Since then, my colleagues Anand and Lakshmi, and I have been evaluating different newsletter tools. We are moving away from Mailchimp and embracing Revue to fulfil our privacy commitment.

We hate being snooped upon. So we are making this promise of privacy:

  1. We have no plans to monetize your data. Therefore, we will capture as little information about you as possible. Whatever you do share will never be shared with any other brands, or even for our own outreach, unless of course you want to subscribe to our newsletters.
  2. Our website will do everything possible to ensure that our readers aren’t exposed to any trackers or cookies.

Not only will we have no dashboards feeding live data on growth and how to hack it deeper, we won’t even have any trackers in our newsletters that share data on “open rates” and other user details.

We will be updating this section with a more comprehensive privacy policy later this year.