As CSAM Surges, A New Drive to Prosecute Offenders

22 March 2022
What does it take to take down an illegal video clip containing child sexual abuse material from the internet? This is the story of Naina and Vicky and their quest to take down their video clip from the internet.

Removing Child Sexual Abuse Material from the Internet

22 March 2022
In 2019, the NCMEC got 16.9 million suspected CSAM reports, of which nearly 1.98 million were from India—the single-largest out of 241 countries. The Indian subcontinent ranks high when it comes to CSAM consumption.

The dark hand of tech that stokes sex traficking in India

25 February 2019
A gripping narrative of Farzana, a sex trafficking survivor, who was lured by false promises of love and opportunity-- her journey unveils the disturbing nexus between technology and exploitation, shedding light on the hidden horrors of modern-day slavery.