Finding Shamnad Basheer

Meet Shamnad Basheer: the social engineer who reimagined legal norms to make justice accessible. This ‘Outliers’ profile by FactorDaily unveils a life of daring vision and relentless commitment.

World’s Insomniacs Find Cure in Indian Barber Massage Videos

27 Mar 2023
Indian Youtubers have found a global audience devouring videos of Indian barbers performing vigorous massages. These massages shot at rustic roadside salons relaxes stressed consumers and even help them fall asleep.

Beware of Entrepreneurship

17 Oct 2022
Entrepreneurship is like a ghost fight. You are fighting with your own ghost every day. In this heartfelt account Sunny Ghosh talks about the struggles of entrepreneurship beyond the usual chase of unicorn statuses and success stories.

This Yin and Yang of Screens

19 Aug 2022
We’ve never been more involved with our screens but is the relationship a healthy one? Even as Indians spent 4.7 hours on average on their phones in 2021, how much is too much?

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