Aug 16, 2016

This wound dressing promises tissue regeneration, reduced scars

BYRamarko Sengupta

Did you know that silk has anti-bacterial properties? And a Bengaluru firm, Sericare’s offering Fibroheal is tapping into exactly this very feature of silk with its patented technology. The company has developed a bio-modified active wound dressing that promotes tissue regeneration, reduces scar formation and pigmentation, and even promises markable reduction in pain within 24 hours of application.
The dressing which comes in four sizes (5×5 cms, 10×10 cms, 10×25 cms, 20×25 cm) and can even be made in custom sizes is especially useful in first and second degree burns, skin graft donor sites, and caesarian sections, Fibroheal’s general manager- sales and marketing Vivek Mishra told FactorDaily. It can also be used to treat partial thickness wounds, chronic skin ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical and trauma wounds.
“Fibroheal ensures 40-45% faster healing than traditional dressing,” Mishra said. The wound heals within 8-10 days from application, he added. The amino acid sequence of silk is a natural moisturising factor that aids tissue regeneration. It also has Asiaticoside to enhance would healing. Asiaticoside is the active chemical component of the plant Centella asiatica. It is used to treat wounds and burns.
While other wound dressings protect from infection, cover the wound acting like a protective cover, they do not participate in active wound healing through tissue regeneration, says Mishra.

“I have been using Fibroheal as dressing material on donor site as dressing material instead of regular paraffin gauge dressing. As a result the wound healed faster, less pain in removing the dressing at fourth day with better cosmetic scar at four and six weeks,” Dr Sushma Sagar, Additional Professor, Department of Surgical Disciplines, JPN Apex Trauma Center, AIIMS told FactorDaily.  

She has also been using it on superficial burns and abrasions, Dr Sagar said.
Fibroheal has two active ingredients — activated silk matrix 46%, and Asiaticoside NLT 0.6%. Gamma irradiation ensures no microbe is there, Mishra said. Gamma irradiation destroys bacteria and pests. It is a physical means of sterilisation where products are exposed to gamma rays.
Fibroheal is part of Sericare which is a division of Healthline Private Ltd. The parent company works across entire value chain of sericulture and does extensive research with silk and silk proteins for various user applications in healthcare space.
The smooth part of the dressing is hydrophobic which does not allow water to go inside, the rough and dull surface is hydrophilic which absorbs water and aqua solutions.
“It protects the periwound skin. Dermis proliferation leads to high cell attachment and tissue regeneration,” Mishra said.
The skin surrounding an injury or wound is called periwound skin, while dermal proliferation is expansion and multiplication of a layer of skin
The company has tied up with a number of hospitals such as AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) Trauma Centre Delhi, Manipal Hospital Bengaluru, Victoria Hospital Bengaluru, Command Hospital Air Force Bengaluru, JIPMER Hospital Puducherry, Armed Forces Medical College Pune, and Specialists’ Hospital Cochin.
Depending on the size, the prices of Fibroheal range between Rs 90-1051.
Fibroheal is for non-infected wounds. However, the company is coming up with Fibroheal Silver that will treat infected wounds as well.

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Ramarko Sengupta is a writer of FactorDaily.