Dec 09, 2016

Hackers leak Vijay Mallya's e-mails; promise to leak more data

After hacking Rahul Gandhi's e-mail and Twitter account, hacking group Legion says it has broken into Vijay Mallya's account.

BYJayadevan PK

After hacking Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi‘s e-mail and Twitter account, a group of hackers seem to have broken into industrialist Vijay Mallya’s account.
Some 8 hours ago, @TheVijayMallya tweeted that his account has been hacked and asked the followers to ignore the messages that were to follow. Soon enough, the handle tweeted:
We haven’t heard from Vijay Mallya’s office yet. This is a developing story and we’ll update it as we get new information.
Earlier this month, the same group said it had hacked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s e-mail and Twitter account.
Lead visual: Wikipedia

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