Jan 06, 2017

UberPOOL users will have to wait less now

Uber updates driver app to reduce wait time for UberPOOL users.


If you are a frequent UberPool user, there’s good news and bad news for you. Uber has rolled out a new update for drivers. From now, it won’t let drivers wait for more than 2 minutes to pick up a rider.
The app update which will be rolled out from today will have a built-in timer that will count down time from two minutes as soon as the driver reaches the pickup location. If the rider isn’t in the car within two minutes, the driver will be prompted to carry on with the ride and collect a no-show fee to compensate for lost time.
In the earlier version of the app the driver was urged to wait only for two minutes, however, it was at the driver’s discretion to wait for the rider or carry on with the ride.
So the good news is, your wait time will come down. The bad news is, if you are usually late to your ride, you’ll probably miss a few.
The latest update in the app will also give drivers more visibility on the complete route and not just the next pick up or drop.

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