This transformer table is perfect for growing startups with a space problem

Anand Murali June 20, 2016 1 min

Startups often run into space constraints as they grow and moving offices every time you add a few more people doesn’t work. Bangalore based design firm Atto Atelier has come up with a design for a transformer table that might have a solution to this problem.

The table made of beechwood ply and mild steel pipes can be dismantled and quickly moved around. It is designed in such a way that when combined in a group of four, they can seat upto 8 people together. When you don’t need so many, it can be quickly folded up and kept aside. The folks at Axilor Ventures have been using these tables for a while now. “The design really help save space and the seating can be arranged in such a way that it is perfect for our startups,” Ganapathy Venugopal, CEO of Axilor Ventures told FactorDaily. These tables will be commercially available later this year.