Oct 21, 2016

This mom created a device to detect her son's epileptic seizures

The wearable device, named TJAY, is a smart glove that enables remote tracking, monitoring and diagnosis of epileptic seizures, helping treatment of the disease.

BYAnand Murali

Rajlakshmi Borthakur has been seeing her son, now five, suffer from epileptic seizures since he was three years old. Having witnessed his seizures for years, she decided there must be some way to predict and manage them better. She wanted to find a way to get around their sudden, unannounced nature, so epileptics are better prepared when the seizures come.
The epilepsies are a spectrum of severe brain disorders that are life-threatening and disabling. Though there are medical devices to control the seizure, there are no devices for early prediction and diagnosis.
Rajlakshmi set about educating herself on epilepsy and how seizures work, conducting in-depth research — from reading to Google searches — into the condition. Coming from an arts background with no sound knowledge of electronics, it was no mean task, but she kept at it.
And she found the way. Borthakur and her team from her company TerraBlue XT have designed a device that can predict seizures and also diagnose them. The wearable device, named TJay, is a smart glove that enables remote tracking, monitoring and diagnosis of epileptic seizures. It checks the body’s electric current, temperature, blood pressure and respiratory function and has an accelerometer for detections. TJay can work with or without internet connectivity.
Watch this video to know more about TJay.

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Anand Murali is a writer of FactorDaily.