Jul 15, 2016

This Rs 2 device can help millions of blind people in India

Tiffy Template is a simple device which helps the blind identify currency notes.

BYAnand Murali

It is hard for visually impaired people to identify currency notes. While new notes have identification marks on their sides, they aren’t easy to make out. There are also some mobile apps that help the visually impaired. But that means using the phone’s camera, which isn’t the best way to do it either.
Here’s is a simple yet useful technology that will help visually impaired people identify currencies and not get cheated. Bengaluru-based innovator Paul D’Souza has designed a grooved plastic plate called the Tiffy Template that can help the blind identify currency.
It may not look like high tech, but is simple (as small as a credit card) and costs only Rs 2.
The user simply needs to fold the note over the device and can identify the denomination based on it’s length and width. Watch how this Rs 2 device works.
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Anand Murali is a writer of FactorDaily.