Mar 22, 2017

The Outliers 10: Labnol's Amit Agarwal, India's first blogger, on why he gave up blogging

Agarwal talks about blogging and his apps that have over million users.

BYPankaj Mishra

Amit Agarwal is a quintessential geek; an engineer who loves building things. But most importantly, he writes code that solves real-world problems. As the founder of Labnol, a tech how-to website launched in 2004, Agarwal is among the first tech bloggers in the country. A few years ago, he quit active blogging to focus more on writing code that solves problems. And some of those applications, including several Google add-ons, have already crossed a million users. Some of his famous web-apps include Online Dictation, HTML e-mail and Tall Tweets, which was endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter.
In this episode of Outliers, recorded at his ancestral home in Agra, Amit talks about his experiences in building solutions that solve users’ problems and shares his concerns about the lack of disclosures on paid content and sponsorships by bloggers and social media influencers.
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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.