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Outliers 56: Ravi Venkatesan asks people to stop looking for jobs, focus on timeless skills and become self employed

Outliers 55: Uday Kotak keeps awake every night wondering whether he will have the bank next morning

Outliers 54: No to social media, meetings at 7.30 am, embracing “human and interpersonal networks”

Outliers 53: Manav Garg on learning from his father’s entrepreneurial failures, building Eka

Outliers 52: Deepak Shenoy on building Capitalmind, and the impending fintech bubble burst in India

Outliers 51: ProductHunt founder Ryan Hoover on life with AngelList and lessons in building community

Outliers 50: Masterclass with Jyoti Bansal

Outliers 49: K Vaitheeswaran on why a startup is the second important thing in life. First is family

Outliers 48: Avani Parekh of SnapChat service LoveDoctor on pre-teen sex counselling

Outliers 46: Bhumika Goyal on what it’s like being a top open source contributor

Outliers Season 1 Finale: Vijay Shekhar Sharma on the life of a founder

Outliers 45: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw on handling criticism and trolls

Outliers 44: How Rohith Bhat built an app development powerhouse from small town India

Outliers 43: Santhanalakshmi Arvind on what it takes to be the family of a startup founder

Outliers 42: Viral B. Shah on why engineers need empathy about users

Outliers 41: Vishwas Chitale on the dairy of the future

Outliers 40: Why R A Mashelkar remains “dangerously optimistic”

Outliers 39: Devi Shetty on why he’s obsessed with affordable healthcare

Outliers 37: Computing pioneer Bob Frankston says algorithms are the new bureaucracy

Outliers 36: Dr Anil Gupta on what entrepreneurs must learn from grassroots innovators