Oct 06, 2016

Want to get the kids away from screens? Check out SuperSuit, a wearable gaming platform

SuperSuit is world's first wearable gaming platform which will allow kids to play their favorite video games, but outdoors.


Parents are always worried about their kids getting addicted to computer screens and playing video games nonstop. MadRat Games from Bengaluru has developed a new gaming platform, which will allow kids to play their favorite video games, but outdoors.

The company has designed the world’s first wearable gaming platform: SuperSuit. The SuperSuit is powered by ZiFi technology which creates a standalone wireless mesh network that allows suits to communicate with one another and the natural gesture processing technology called ENGaGE. Players can wear the suit, go out, and start playing right away.

SuperSuit supports several strategy-based games and it allows you to share resources with others. The company will also allow game developers to build their own games over the SuperSuit software development kit (SDK).

MadRat Games has made the SuperSuit available through pre-orders on Indiegogo and promises that the product, which costs  $199, will be available by April 2017.

Watch the video to know more this innovative product.


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