Jan 02, 2017

Now individuals can sell used goods on Amazon India

Amazon India is making a big move in the used goods space. The company has rolled out a feature through which individuals can sell products on Amazon.

BYJayadevan PK

Amazon India is making a move into the used goods market and also tapping into individual sellers. Last week, the company quietly rolled out a feature through which individuals can post their products on Amazon to sell.
That opens up possibilities for you to get rid of old stuff. For instance, the video game you’ve finished playing, or old books you don’t want anymore.
You can access the feature by going into your account settings and clicking on “Manage Your Seller Account.” Individuals can list their products and its details and start selling on Amazon.in.
In June last year, Amazon owned website Junglee had launched a pilot service to sell used goods. It appears that the company is expanding the service now.

How Amazon India's individual seller service works.
How Amazon India’s individual seller service works.

The company will pick up the product from your doorstep at a scheduled time if your product is sold. It will pack and ship the product to buyers and you’ll receive your money within 3-5 business days (here’s an FAQ).
Though individuals can sell new products using this service, Amazon seems to be trying to get people to sell used goods on the platform. If you sell used products such as books, video games or laptops, you’ll get Rs 1000 as Amazon Pay balance until 15th of January 2017.
Amazon charges a commission of Rs 10 per item below Rs 1000, Rs 50 for items that cost between Rs 1000- Rs 5000 and Rs 100 for items above Rs 5000. The service is currently available only in Bengaluru.

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