Sep 01, 2016

Delhivery's co-founder Sahil Barua on importance of data and challenges in delivering

Factordaily's Editor-In-Chief Pankaj Mishra discusses range of topics with Delhivery's Sahil Barua.

BYTeam FactorDaily

What started out as a hyper-local express delivery service for offline stores in May 2011, delivering flowers and food from restaurants in Gurgaon, Delhivery is now emerging as a dominant ecommerce logistics player.
Post the emergence of big firms in e-commerce, potential of logistics was “not rocket science” for Sahil Barua of Delhivery.
In this interview with the Pankaj Mishra, Editor-in-chief of Factordaily, Barua discusses about the challenges they face and how data is such an important factor in their business.
Check out the video to know more about Baruas’ experience in delivering and the Delhivery Football league.

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