Dec 01, 2016

It's not just Twitter. Rahul Gandhi's email server has been hacked: Sources

BYRamarko Sengupta

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi might soon have a bigger crisis to deal with, not just his Twitter handle that was hacked Wednesday.
It’s not Gandhi’s Twitter account, but his email server has been hacked, according to a source familiar with the development.
“Their email system was hacked. Rahul’s institutional server was hacked. That’s how it happened,” the source, who did not want to be named, told FactorDaily.
The hacking of Gandhi’s e-mail could mean far reaching consequences, especially if the data is dumped publicly or makes its way on to Wikileaks.
Gandhi’s email was hacked back in 2011 as well.
The Congress party’s official Twitter handle was compromised Thursday morning as well.

Following this tweet from the @OfficeOfRG account, the hackers’ attention seemed to shift to the @INCIndia account

Twitter India’s official response was that they don’t comment on individual accounts. We reached out to the Congress party for its response on the hackings and are still awaiting a response. We will update the story when we hear from them.
Last night, Gandhi’s Twitter handle was under siege for over an hour by a group that called itself “Legion”. Referring to itself as “The untouchable spy force” it promised to leak data about the Indian National Congress. This morning it not only took over Gandhi’s handle again but also the party’s official handle. The fact that Congress party’s handle too has been compromised corroborates what our source told us.
Abusive tweets flowed from Gandhi’s Twitter handle — which is not personally handed by him but his team — Wednesday night and again Thursday morning. It was primarily targeted at the Gandhi family, and the scion himself. The tweets also criticised Gandhi’s stand on demonetisation.
Meanwhile, the INC India handle continues to be compromised, with the hacker/s threatening to “dump congress emails” and saying that they have “enough info to drop your party down to shreds”.
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