Internet Culture

Globally, humans spend roughly seven hours on screens every day. The blurring lines and frequent transitions between the online and offline world translates to how human beings now perceive, think and act in the real world heavily inspired by their own digital world. The content we consume, the conversations we have with strangers or acquaintances […]

Startups and Society

With the new story project, Startups and Society, we will investigate and chronicle stories about how entrepreneurship influences society around us. Entrepreneurial journeys are like space missions. They combine bold vision and fearlessness with the drudgery of operations. Add to that the millions of tiny pieces of execution that must work in tandem and exactly […]

Mental Health

Mental health has slowly made its entry into the vocabulary of urban India but it’s far from the acceptance required to help nearly 14% of the Indian population with mental health issues cope. In this mental health journalism project we look for the questions we should be asking on how we – with our individual […]