Sep 01, 2017

Outliers 32: Ashish Hemrajani of BookMyShow says he's a cockroach, and not a unicorn

BYPankaj Mishra

Who wants to be a Unicorn?
It’s almost every entrepreneur’s dream to build a company that crosses the $1 billion dollar valuation mark. For investors too, the starting question is whether a pitching startup can become the next Unicorn.
For Ashish Hemrajani, the co-founder of BookMyShow, who started his company in 1999, the journey is all about survival.
“First of all, it’s (Unicorn) a mythical animal and an ugly one at that with a horn,” he tells me in this episode of Outliers.
“I’m a cockroach; we survive. You put us in the middle of a nuclear holocaust or inside a microwave oven, we survive.”
“We come to the trenches every day, rolling our sleeves, we survive,” he says.
Hemrajani reminds me of what Mindtree co-founder Subroto Bagchi told me in an interview five years ago — “Entrepreneurs are like mongrels.”

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.