Apr 19, 2017

On-demand rides for companies through Uber Central now in India

BYPankaj Mishra

Ride-hailing service Uber on Wednesday launched enterprise-ready Uber Central in India. It enables organisations to provide on-demand, door-to-door transportation for their customers, clients or guests.
The customers do not need to have an Uber account, or even a smartphone, to take a ride with Uber Central.
The service is built on top of the Uber for Business (U4B) platform that enables companies or teams to set up a corporate Uber account.
With this platform, organisations using Uber Central get access to digital billing, reporting and management tools for efficiently managing their transportation operations.
“Our technology makes it possible to create specialised solutions that help our users have access to reliable transportation options at affordable prices. Uber Central is a great example of such innovation,” said Arjun Nohwar, head, Asia Pacific, Uber for Business, in a statement.
Uber Central is the cab aggregator’s first global one-to-many ride product, allowing organisations to manage multiple rides all at the same time and from the same dashboard.
“Today, 65,000 organisations across the globe, including Goldman Sachs, Dell, Wunderman, Bain & Company, Airtel, AT Kearney, Reliance ADA Group and Tata Steel etc rely on Uber for Business,” the company added.

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.