Feb 16, 2017

Sundar Pichai's letter to 7 year old girl

BYPankaj Mishra

For most of the kids, toys are what fascinate them. But this seven-year-old girl from Britain wrote a letter to Indian-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai asking him for a job — and received an encouraging reply.
According to a report in Business Insider on Thursday, Chloe Bridgewater, who lives in Hereford, Britain, sent a hand-written letter to Pichai for a job.
“Dear Google boss… My name is Chloe and when I am bigger I would like a job with Google. I also want to work in a chocolate factory and do swimming in the olympics,” Bridgewater wrote to Pichai.
She wrote about her dreams, school, her sister and her first letter she had written to Father Christmas.
In reply, Pichai encouraged her to follow her dreams: “I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school.”
Pichai ended the letter with a smile emoji.
In a LinkedIn post, Andy Bridgewater, the girl’s father, wrote that his daughter had lost a great deal of confidence after being knocked down by a car a couple of years ago.
“However, to say she is delighted after receiving this letter signed by Sundar Pichai himself is an understatement,” the father posted.
Fascination for Google came about recently in the kid when she asked her father where his ideal place to work would be.
“And I said, ‘oh, Google would be a nice place to work’, owing to their world-famous perks and all of the cutting-edge work they do,” her father was quoted as saying.
It was then that the kid decided that she wanted to work at Google too and her father encouraged her to apply.

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.