Jun 05, 2017

Researchers develop method to 'instantly recharge' batteries of electric vehicles

BYPankaj Mishra

Researchers from the US have developed a safe, affordable and environment-friendly method that can “instantly recharge” batteries of electric and hybrid vehicle.
The process, presented at the recently held International Society for Porous Media 9th International Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, takes time similar to refuelling a car at a gas station.
“The biggest challenge for industry is to extend the life of a battery’s charge and the infrastructure needed to actually charge the vehicle. The greatest hurdle for drivers is the time commitment to keeping their cars fully charged,” said John Cushman from Purdue University, who cofounded Ifbattery LLC (IF-battery).
The innovation could expedite the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles by eliminating the time needed to stop and recharge a conventional electric car’s battery and by dramatically reducing the need for new infrastructure to support recharging stations.
“Ifbattery is developing an energy storage system that would enable drivers to fill up their electric or hybrid vehicles with fluid electrolytes to re-energise spent battery fluids much like refuelling their gas tanks,” added Eric Nauman, cofounder of Ifbattery.
The spent battery fluids or electrolyte could be collected and taken to a solar farm, wind turbine installation or hydroelectric plant for recharging.

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.