Feb 07, 2017

Kerala police to train 300 ‘khaki hats’ to fight cyber crime

BYJayadevan PK

To fight rising cyber crime, the Kerala police is setting up an ethical hacking unit, called ‘Khakhi Hats.’ The idea is to create an elite unit of policemen who have expertise in cyber crime and hacking.
“The aim of Khakhi Hats is to create a force that can effectively fight cyber crime and bring criminals to justice,” the government said in a press release this Saturday. In two years, the force wants to identify nearly 300 police officers and give them training of ‘international standards.’
Khakhi Hats is a play on the phrases White Hats and Black Hats, popularly used to refer to hackers on both sides of the law. White hats are usually employed by companies, government and corporations to fight black hats, who are constantly trying to exploit cyber vulnerabilities for some gain.
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Jayadevan PK is a writer of FactorDaily.