Apr 11, 2017

Indian expat in UAE sacked for abusing Delhi journalist on social media

BYPankaj Mishra

A UAE-based company has sacked an Indian employee for abusing a fellow Indian on social media and for posting offensive posts against Islam on Facebook, a media report said.
Rana Ayyub, a well-known investigative journalist based in New Delhi, exposed the vulgar messages sent to her by the man on Twitter, following which some of her followers reported the matter to the management of the UAE company where the Indian worked.
The 31-year-old male offender from Kerala was identified as B B. He joined Alpha Paint in Dubai, a sister company of National Paints in Sharjah, in 2015, the Gulf News reported on Monday.
Ayyub posted a screenshot of the message one day last week, saying: “Just a sample of the filth I receive on my Facebook page. Time to name and shame this pervert.”
Under the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cybercrime law, any form of misuse of a computer, smart device or an electronic network could fetch the violator, if found guilty, a lengthy jail term and/or a heavy fine.
The company said it terminated the expat’s contract and will pay for his tickets and his rights according to the UAE labour law.
The man’s visa was cancelled on Monday and he was set to be deported, said the daily.
Ayyub told Gulf News that she will be filing a police case against the accused in New Delhi.

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.