Feb 14, 2017

Bengaluru firm aims to supply micro engines for drones

BYPankaj Mishra

Bengaluru-based Intech DMLS, a metal printing firm, is in the process of developing a series of micro and small jet engines to power unmanned aerial vehicles and remote controlled small aircraft.
The company will display India’s first engine developed in the private sector at the ongoing Aero India in the Karnataka capital.
“We have developed four engines with thrusts of 20 kg-force (kgf), 40 kgf and 100 kgf and a small engine with thrust of 350 kgf,” Sridhar Balaram, managing director, Intech DMLS, told IANS on Tuesday.
“Development of gas turbine-based jet and shaft power engines is a challenging task. We have brought together the expertise of specialist engineers to develop unique and modern engines.”

Intech DMLS will display India’s first engine developed in the private sector at the ongoing Aero India in Bengaluru  

“The team has been working feverishly in the recent months to ensure that engine development is on the right track and ready for display at Aero India 2017. We hope to tap both domestic and international markets vis-a-vis our products,” he added.
As for how Intech took to developing jet engines, Sridhar said: “We have been involved in engine development programme with the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, wherein we contributed over 30 per cent of the critical components.”
HAL is developing HTFE-25 (Hindustan Turbo Fan Engine), which has a thrust of 25 kN.
The company plans to expand into turbo shaft/fan category in the near future.
“The small turbo engine will help power micro manned and unmanned helicopters and our other smaller engines can also have strategic implications,” Balaram added.
“We are capable of designing, developing, manufacturing, testing and validating jet engines and approach Indian and global agencies for validation of our jet engines.”
MJE 20, with a thrust of 20 kgf, is currently undergoing testing at the Bengaluru facility and SJE-350 with a thrust of 350 kgf, designed for strategic applications, is currently under manufacture.

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Pankaj Mishra is a writer of FactorDaily.