Mar 23, 2017

Founder backed by Apple’s Steve Wozniak launches new IoT hardware device

BYAnand Murali

Bahubali Shete, the founder of Gecko, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest product called Klove Knob from his venture IOT Pot.
IoT Pot was founded by Shete in 2016 and is into developing smart home technology for kitchens. Its first product Klove is a voice-guided personal assistant device that replaces your existing burner knob.

Klove knob fixed on a burner

The crowdfunding campaign for Klove has so far raised just over $1000 of its $30,000 goal and has 35 more days to go before completion.
According to the campaign, the device keeps track of parameters like burner size, vessel dimension, food temperature, ambient temperature etc and can control the burner flame based on these parameters.
The device can also be remotely monitored and controlled via voice commands sent through its app. The device is also said to be compatible with Amazo Alexa and Google Home.
Klove Knob will begin shipping to early backers starting June 2017 according to its campaign page.
This is not the first time Shete launching a crowdfunding campaign. Back in 2013 Shete’s previous startup, Connovate Technology, had announced its Bluetooth device called Gecko on Indiegogo and successfully raised more than $135,000 from backers including Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Later in 2014, Connovate Technology was acquired by Hong Kong-based consumer electronics company Binatone Communications Group.

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