Dec 10, 2016

Net4 India chief denies hack

Net4 India's Chief executive officer Jasjit Sawhney has denied that the hacking of Vijay Mallya and Rahul Gandhi's emails took place on their servers.

BYJayadevan PK

Net4 India’s Chief executive officer Jasjit Sawhney has denied that the hacking of Vijay Mallya and Rahul Gandhi’s emails took place on their servers. Here’s a response to our story earlier today from Sawhney, produced verbatim (Italics ours).
For starters we completely deny whatever your “source” is claiming.
“Those who host domains through Net4″…. so what does that have to do with the email?? Hosting and email services are entirely different, as are domains, hosting and / or email.
We run our own security and surveilance systems and also employ 2 external agencies with varying methodologies to monitor and secure our servers. All 3 of these genereate detailed reports within 8, 12 and 24 hour periods and can confirm that o such hack has happened on “our servers”.
Now in 99% of the cases people end up compromising the security of their email accounts and social media accounts either through their own know people/agencies or through careless passwords.
We can further confirm that neither Vijay Mallya , nor the Indian National Congress avail email services through Net4, so any such allegation is quite absurd.
Earlier today, we reported that security researchers are probing if hacker group Legion could have broken into the accounts of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and fugitive Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya by exploiting security flaws on web hosting service Net4.
We checked the MX Records of both and Both were hosted on Net4 servers last we checked (5.30 pm, 10 December 2016). Mallya’s e-mail is hosted by Net4, according to MX records we checked (see screenshot below. The IP address points to e-mail service provided by Net4). And Rahul Gandhi’s email is currently on Google apps.
This is a developing story and we’ll keep you posted with fresh updates as we get them.

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