G’s schooling at Zoho

G’s schooling at Zoho Much of who Girish is, and isn’t, can be attributed to his nearly decade-long career at Zoho, the 17-year-old software maker for small and medium enterprises founded by Sridhar Vembu. Over the past decade, a breed of SaaS startups from India, led by Zoho, have established the country as a destination in […]

A broken childhood

A broken childhood In his 2008 bestseller, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell concludes that people turn experts after 10,000 hours of pratice at whatever they are good at — which is about five years of eight hours daily practice five days a week. He narrates the story of Bill Gates, and how his high school in the early […]

The making of Girish Mathrubootham

The making of Girish Mathrubootham How he used lessons from his troubled childhood and early entrepreneurial failures to build Freshdesk, one of India’s fastest growing product startups Can he make all this count?   By Pankaj Mishra 17 April 2017 “Girish is like Shrek,” says Shoba Girish. ` “If you’re Prince Charming, everybody likes you […]