Oct 12, 2016

Meet Inito, it puts a diagnostic lab in your pocket

A smartphone attachment to help monitor multiple medical tests strips.

BYRamarko Sengupta

There are devices to monitor medical conditions. They’ve gotten smaller, smarter and affordable over the years. But mostly, you need different devices for different tests. One for your blood sugar, one for fertility test and so on. Bangalore based Inito has built a thumb sized device which can do all of them.
Inito is a smartphone attachment that measures key hormones in urine and reads multiple medical strips. It works by allowing the camera in your smartphone to take calibrated images of medical strips and give distortion free images. An app on the phone then processes the images and gets the value of this test.
The device, which is expected to cost Rs 3500 onwards, is currently being tested by doctors and is expected to hit the market by end of 2016. Take a look.

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Ramarko Sengupta is a writer of FactorDaily.