Sep 21, 2016

The Indian inventor behind cameras that can see around corners

Meet the man behind cameras that can see around corners


Imagine a slow motion camera that can record the motion of light particles and see around corners.
It was made possible by Indian-born innovator Prof. Ramesh Raskar. He is the founder of the camera culture research group at the MIT Media Lab.
Raskar’s invention led to Femto Photography, a camera technique that captures motion at one trillion frames per second.
In September 2016, he bagged the prestigious Lemelson-MIT prize for developing products of significant value to society. Along with his team he has designed an imaging solution that could read through closed books.
With over 75 patents to his name, Raskar aspires to use technologies to improve lives of people. Watch this video to know more about his innovation

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prabhakaran is a writer of FactorDaily.