Dec 29, 2016

How India's Unicorns fared in 2016

Instead of covering these companies in bits and pieces, most of our coverage around Unicorns has been in longform.

BYJayadevan PK

India has had only a handful of unicorns — companies that have a valuation of over $1 billion. We attempted to understand and write about these companies in 2016. Instead of piecemeal coverage about various aspects of these companies, we tried to see the larger picture. Most of the stories were longform. Expect more of that in 2017. Meanwhile, here are our best Unicorn stories from 2016.
1. The story of India’s first Unicorn.

India’s first Unicorn InMobi is staring at an uncertain future

2. The battle within India’s data analytics star Mu Sigma.

Mu Sigma’s summation of maladies and Dhiraj’s fight to fix it

3. Inside the controlled madness of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days monster sale.

Flipkart’s Big Binny Days

4. An under-the-hood look at how India’s most valued consumer internet company is doing.

Project Fixkart (Part Deux): Early Signs that Binny Bansal’s Balm for Flipkart is Working


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Jayadevan PK is a writer of FactorDaily.