Ready for takeoff: A listing of India’s drones startups

Anand Murali December 1, 2017 5 min

With the release of a national draft drones policy, India’s drone and unmanned aerial system (UAS) companies have a better clarity on what to expect on the regulations front as far as owning and operating a drone in the country is concerned. Even though there are concerns about some of the points in the drone regulations and they might look a bit stringent, the regulations are not very different from those in effect in some of the other countries.

The final drone regulation (CAR) is set to come out sometime in January 2018, once the public consultation and open houses conclude.

The list of drone startups was compiled with data from company tracker PaperVC. This is not a comprehensive list of every drone/UAS company that exists in the country. To suggest a drone/UAS company that deserves to be in this roundup or to update information on any of the startups featured here, please fill in this form.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

Founders: Yeshwanth Reddy, Vipul Singh, Suhas Banshiwala, Nikhil Upadhye
Founding year: 2013
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: Aarav Unmanned Systems has developed multi-rotor and fixed wing UAVs. The company provides services to  enterprise clients with a focus on services like GIS surveying/mapping, industrial inspection and precision agriculture.


Founders: Pragadish Santhosh
Founding year: 2017
Location: Chennai
What they do: Aero360 is a drone service provider focusing on aerial photography, mapping, inspection, and monitoring services.


Founders: Aniket Tatipamula, Shinil Shekhar, Neeraj Waghchaure
Founding year: 2013
Location: Mumbai
What they do: Airpix provides drone-based solutions using both multi-rotor and fixed wing UAVs. The services offered by Airpix includes industrial inspections, aerial survey, aerial photography, and cinematography.

Asteria Aerospace

Founders: Nihar Vartak, Neel Mehta
Founding year: 2011
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: Asteria Aerospace is involved in the design and manufacture of UASs. Its services include security and surveillance applications focused on military, paramilitary and police forces.


Founders: Nishant Purohit, Reji Sivakutty
Founding year: 2016
Location: Delhi NCR
What they do: Bubble Fly Technology designs and manufactures drones and other UAS for the enterprise sector. Their services include monitoring, surveillance, inspection, 3D mapping, and thermal imaging.

DeTect Technologies

Founders: Daniel Raj David, Harikrishnan A.S., Karthik R, Tarun Mishra, Krishnan Balasubramanian
Founding year: 2016
Location: Chennai
What they do: Detect Technologies is focused on providing infrastructure services to the industrial sector including drone-based monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Drona Aviation

Founders: Apurva Godbole, Prasanna Shevare, Dinesh Sain
Founding year: 2014
Location: Mumbai
What they do: Drona Aviation designs and develops UAS for personal, civic, and industrial use. The company also sells ready-to-fly, do-it-yourself drone kits, and conducts workshops to increase awareness around drones and other UAS.

Drone Aerospace Systems

Founders: Kishore Jonnalagadda
Founding year: Not available
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: Drone Aerospace Systems is involved in the design and development of unmanned aerial systems Its products include low cost flying platforms, ground control systems, and embedded solutions.

Drone Nation

Founders: Chetan Reddy, Vichar Shroff, Vaibhav Agarwal
Founding year: Not available
Location: Sancoale
What they do: Drone Nation is a drone service company catering to infrastructure companies, mining industry, and agriculture sector. Its services include infrastructure inspections and mapping.

Edall Systems

Founders: Pritam Ashutosh
Founding year: 2016
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: Edall Systems is a UAV manufacturer and service provider. The services provided by the company include drone-based image processing support, mapping, land audit, town planning, and industrial area survey.


Founders: Ankit Mehta, Rahul Singh, Ashish Bhat, Vipul Joshi
Founding year: 2007
Location: Mumbai
What they do: IdeaForge is involved in the development and manufacture of quadcopter and fixed wing UAVs with a clientele including Indian Armed Forces, law enforcement bodies, and corporates outside the defence space.

INDrone Aero Systems

Founders: Anurag Joshi, Abhishek G S
Founding year: Not available
Location: Hubli, Bengaluru
What they do: Indrone Aero Systems is a drone-based service provider offering mapping, survey, surveillance, plant health and growth monitoring, inspection of infrastructure, and disaster management services.


Founders: Pravin Prajapati
Founding year: 2015
Location: Mumbai
What they do: Indrones is a drone service provider catering to the agriculture and industrial sector. Its services include GIS mapping, precision agriculture, monitoring and inspection of infrastructure.


Founders: John Livingstone
Founding year: 2014
Location: Noida
What they do: Johnnette Technologies is a drone manufacturer and service company. It provides services including inspections, disaster management assistance, mapping, and aerial cinematography using drones.

Omnipresent Robot Tech

Founders: Aakash Kishore Sinha, Jyoti Vashishtha Sinha
Founding year: 2010
Location: Delhi NCR
What they do: Omnipresent Robot Tech designs and develops drones for enterprises with a focus on inspections and monitoring. The company also develops robots for industrial and consumer use cases.

Quidich Innovation Labs

Founders: Rahat Kulshreshtha, Gaurav Mehta
Founding year: 2015
Location: Mumbai
What they do: Quidich Innovation Labs is an aerial cinematography service provider with a focus on drone filming. The company also offers drone services like mapping and infrastructure inspection.

Skylark Drones

Founders: Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy, Mrinal Pai
Founding year: 2015
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: Skylark Drones is a drone service company with a focus on mining, infrastructure and utilities industries. It offers services like aerial surveying, mapping, and infrastructure inspection.

Takvaviya Technologies

Founders: Bhaskar Raghunathan
Founding year: Not available
Location: Chennai
What they do: Takvaviya is a drone-based service provider with a focus on mining, power, oil & gas, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors. Its services include, aerial survey, inspections and monitoring for these sectors.

V Drone Agro

Founders: Kunal Sharma
Founding year: 2017
Location: Bengaluru
What they do: VDrone develops and designs drone-based systems for the agriculture sector with an aim to help farmers with crop yield. It provides services like crop health data analysis and mapping using its in-house analytics solutions.


Founders: Jaspreet Makkar
Founding year: 2012
Location: Delhi NCR
What they do: WeDoSky builds drones and provides services for agriculture, mining, infrastructure and real estate sectors. The services include drone-based survey, mapping, monitoring, and image analytics.

Zuppa drones

Founders: Sai Pattabiram, Venkatesh Sai
Founding year: 2005
Location: Chennai
What they do: Zuppa Drones is UAV manufacturer and service provider. The services offered by Zuppa Drones include mapping, topographical survey, monitoring, and surveillance. It has also developed drones for agricultural spraying and provides such services


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