Jul 14, 2016

The hardware startup trend that's changing everything around you

Benjamin Joffe of Hax, the world's largest startup accelerator, gives you a lowdown of the hardware revolution.


Benjamin Joffe is one of the partners at HAX, the world’s largest accelerator for hardware startups. The accelerator has backed nearly 150 startups since inception. FactorDaily caught up with him on his recent trip to India to get a sense of where the hardware revolution is headed. The take away?

  1. India is a lot behind the innovation curve when it comes to hardware.
  2. There is a revolution in the making for sure.

In this interview, Joffe discusses the hardware startup ecosystem in India and some of the cool companies and the categories that are seeing the most amount of action.
Hax also published a comprehensive report recently on hardware startups. Here’s a look.

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jayadevan is a writer of FactorDaily.