Everything costs something.

Good journalism, too. When the journalism is public spirited, expert, impactful, and engaging like that at FactorDaily, it becomes all the more important to make sure the journalism is ring-fenced from pressures and the newsroom stays independent.

To achieve that, FactorDaily has to be a financially sustainable brand.

How will that happen? Through a healthy mix of advertising, event sponsorships, and subscriptions that will cover our costs.


If you have been following us, you will know that we have been funded by some top names in the business who believe in the FactorDaily promise of capturing change  as technology mainstreams in India. After we started publishing in mid-May, we have built a unique cachet with our stories that afford us respect from sought-after influencers as also a fast-growing audience.



At last count, our reach had topped a million a month across our website and our various distribution channels on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and our newsletter. All this without aggressively buying traffic.
There is clearly huge appetite for good journalism. Aren’t we glad?! 🙂


Code of Conduct

As enquiries started coming in,  from brands for advertising and sponsorships, we thought it prudent to list how we can engage with advertisers and sponsors. The principles listed in our Code of Conduct will guide these relationships with brands who, we believe, will benefit deeply with a presence on the FactorDaily platform.


What is FactorBranded

Welcome to FactorBranded, the advertising arm of FactorDaily!

FactorDaily leverages the credibility we enjoy, the audience data we are gathering, and the power of our technology tools to deliver RoI to brands that seek to partner with us. In doing so, we aim to break away from traditional formats of advertising and sponsored content.

Like in our journalism, FactorBranded is premised on our principles of less is more, slow is fast, and, importantly for brands associating with us, quiet is loud. For instance, we dislike banner ads or pop-up ads or other formats that mess with customer experience on our website or distribution channels. In fact, we hate it more than our readers and viewers do.


What to expect

FactorBranded, instead, will create compelling content and event solutions for brands that will intrigue, engage, and acquire mindshare, affinity, and consideration of the audience a brand is seeking. Period. This approach will be rooted in immersive story-telling borrowed from the best of editorial and advertising practices. And, leverage our databases in sharply targetting the audience a brand seeks — both in terms of respect and numbers.

Compelling content in whatever form — be it editorial or advertising — has a tough time getting discovered. Enter amplification. Amplification of a marketing message is key to any brand and FactorBranded will help brands to do so across social, broadcast, and print channels through tie-ups we have.


FactorBranded Arms

We see the following avenues of engagement for FactorBranded and your brand:

  • Sponsored sections (think: editorially independent content that has resonance with a brand)
  • Branded content and native advertising
  • Independent and branded events
  • Media partnerships


We are just a few months old and if you have any ideas on how we can better engage with brands, please tell us. #keepexperimenting
Our point person for FactorBranded is Ankita Sahni, our AVP, branded content & strategic initiatives, and she is on ankita at factordaily dot com.