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The Harvard Business Review called Data Science the sexiest job of the 21st century- what is it that makes the job of using science to extract information from data sexy? How is data science being used to solve business problems? How can you start your journey of becoming a data scientist? What is the future of Data Science? If you have such questions lingering in your mind, we might have the perfect afternoon planned for you over some hot chai!!!

FactorDaily invites you to ‘A date with Data Science’ a meetup which will aim to answer all questions related to the field of Data Science and how you can get started.

This meetup is a part of FactorDaily’s #FutureofJobs in India series.

Where: FactorDaily HQ
When: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 3-5 PM



Bharath Cheluvaraju is the Chief Computer Scientist at SigTuple – he’s an “engineer at heart” with an eclectic mix of expertise in theoretical research, data science and engineering large scale distributed systems. Prior to SigTuple he had stints at the Big Data Labs at American Express and Infosys Research Labs.
He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science specialising in Information Systems and Data Science.


Puneet Mathur is an analytics and decision science leader at Target Corporation, where he leads analytics teams in Merchandising, Pricing and Promotions domains. His professional experience spans across advanced analytics and data science (Retail and Supply Chain), business consulting (Supply Chain Transformation and Lean Six Sigma) and manufacturing (Automotive).
He has obtained his PhD in Quantitative Methods from IIMB where he specialized in supply chain optimization, and MBA in Operations Management from MDI Gurgaon.


Dr. Achint Thomas
is a Principal Data Scientist at Embibe, where he works on applying data science to the exciting problems in the education technology space. He focuses on science-proofing the product by building scalable systems for personalized search and recommendations, automated ingestion and understanding of content, and user behavior profiling. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, and has a number of patents and peer-reviewed publications in top-tier journals and conferences to his name. Previously, Dr. Thomas was at Yahoo! Labs in California where he worked on human interactive proofs, email spam classification, fraudulent user activity identification, and bot-net detection. He specializes in machine learning, data mining, optical character recognition, machine vision, and anti-abuse for the web.