Apr 03, 2017

An ace hacker tells you how cybersecurity is changing

BYJayadevan PK

Karsten Nohl is one of the top cybersecurity researchers in the world. The German hacker is famous for exposing major security flaws in telecom networks. His exposé of security flaws in SS7, a protocol used by telecom service providers, prompted over 200 cybersecurity firms and hundreds of telecom operators to focus on addressing issues that left millions of users vulnerable to attacks.
On the sidelines of hacker conference NullCon 2017 held in March in Goa, we caught up with him to understand what trends are shaping the industry, where the jobs are being created and whether India is ready in the event of a full-blown cyberwar. Watch this video to find out.
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Jayadevan PK is a writer of FactorDaily.