Announcing FactorBot Version 1.0 Beta Our first version of the FactorBot is ready – well almost ready. In human terms its a 5 year old child. But unlike a human child, we must send it out to the world because thats where it will learn and come into its own. Therefore this release. Why are we doing a bot […]

FactorDaily on WhatsApp

From the start, we’ve believed in serving our stories to readers in the formats that they best like and places they spend the most amount of time. So we started our journey on Facebook with a lot of focus on video based storytelling. WhatsApp is next. Starting today, FactorDaily’s videos and stories will be available […]

FactorDaily Takes Its Leap Of Faith

I walked up on the stage and looked around, into the eyes of people present at the FactorDaily launch party. “Why are they all here? And that too on a not-so-auspicious Friday, the 13th?” I have been part of many events organised by some of India’s biggest newspapers over years. We had to chase the […]

We need a little more time to make FactorDaily awesome

We started FactorDaily with the premise that tech has become mainstream in our lives and needs to be covered from that perspective — and not in the transactional manner that it’s covered in digital media today. We want to be at the intersection of tech and everything — tech and society, tech and your workplace, […]

Why we started FactorDaily

On a cool morning in January, I stood in a conference room in front of a dozen people — the founding team of FactorDaily — and tried to explain something that I was still trying to wrap my head around: after less than two months in stealth mode, we had pivoted. The team had reasons […]