This super-bandage is saving soldiers in the Indian Army from bleeding to death

Anand Murali March 9, 2017 1 min

Haemorrhagic shock is one of the leading causes of death among soldiers in the Indian Army. It occurs when someone loses over 20% of their body’s blood or fluid supply. In the battlefield, effective first aid in such a situation can mean the difference between life and death.

A team of makers from Axio Biosolutions, a medtech company focused on advanced wound care products from Bengaluru, has developed a haemostatic dressing that helps stop severe bleeding due to cuts, punctures, abrasions, ruptures and lacerations. The bandage is made of a naturally occurring substance called chitosan, which can be extracted from shells of shrimp and other crustaceans.

Founded in 2008, Axio Biosolutions has been supplying its product to the Indian Army and other national security forces. It also makes other variants of its products for emergency medical use and for dental use.

Watch the video to know more.


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