Sep 23, 2016

How Android took the world by storm in 8 years

BYTeam FactorDaily

Eight years ago on this day, the first commercial Android-based smartphone was launched. In these years, Android has killed companies, built new empires and revolutionised the mobile industry.
Founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White in 2003, the company was bought by Google for a sum of $50 million in 2005.
The platform has come a long way after being able to sell only 1 million devices, 6 months after its debut. Today, it is the largest mobile platform in the world, way ahead of iOS, with a market share of over 84%.
The journey to becoming the top dog of the mobile world was not an easy one. Watch the video to look at the journey of the operating system which took the world by storm.

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