Oct 18, 2017

Interactive: A Market Map of 50+ AI Startups In India

BYSriram Sharma

If you’re looking for AI-first companies based out of India to work or collaborate with, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated all the top-funded startups from the country that are harnessing AI in their respective verticals from enterprise to consumer-focused startups, from robotics to computer vision, from speech to predictive analytics, and other sectors.
AI is a horizontal technology that’s being harnessed across sectors — which we’ve tried to map below, with data from startup tracker Tracxn and LinkedIn. Do note that there will be some overlap in the categorisation below. Another disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive list of every AI startup that exists in the country. To suggest an AI startup that deserves to be in this roundup or to update information on any of the startups featured here, please fill in this form.
In the following graphic, companies shown with zero funding includes those whose funding information is not available. Company founding date and employee count were sourced from LinkedIn in October 2017.
Go ahead, mouse over the bubbles, track AI startups only in the industries you are interested in… .

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Sriram Sharma is a writer of FactorDaily.