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Prakriti Singhania

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Prakriti Singhania, Associate Editor at FactorDaily, has 14 years of experience in journalism and in communications. Her stints as a journalist — mostly at the desk interspersed with inspired bursts of writing — have been with newspapers like The Telegraph, Kolkata, The Times of India, and Mergermarket, a subsidiary of the Financial Times group, London. She has also essayed communications roles at the International Committee of the Red Cross, Delhi, and the Australian Private Hospitals Association, Canberra.

Statement of Ethics

Integrity, both personal and professional, is absolute and non-negotiable for me. In keeping with this, the single most hallowed professional ethic I have always adhered to is being honest and true to my work — giving the job at hand the best I have, both in terms of time and effort — and will continue doing the same at FactorDaily. As the custodian of the editorial standard at FactorDaily, I promise to keep the bar up and ensure that every story we publish — print, audiovisual and social media — is of a superior quality and is factually correct. I will subject every story I edit to a deep scrutiny of facts, figures and language, and will strive hard to ensure consistency in quality. I will remain conscientious at all times and will question all erroneous, judgmental and prejudiced statements (if any) made by our writers, and take necessary action to correct such content. I will also call out any conflicts that arise in my course of work. I will follow all of these principles for any stories that I write as well. I abide by the patra dharma enshrined in the FactorDaily Code of Conduct (

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