Ankita Sahni, Author at FactorDaily
Ankita Sahni

Ankita Sahni

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Ankita is AVP- Branded Content & Strategic initiatives. The role involves working with select brands on identifying opportunities to produce customised branded content. Formerly with ET NOW, Ankita will also lead FactorDaily's overall monetisation efforts.

Statement of Ethics

As someone leading branded content & monetisation efforts for FactorDaily, I will ensure that all branded content matches the editorial standards of FactorDaily. The brands that I work with will have complete disclosure from my end, as trust and credibility is the cornerstone of a relationship between two companies. I will ensure complete transparency going forward with all efforts on business development. At FactorDaily we religiously respect the wall between, ''the church and the state.'' There are clear boundaries between pure editorial and paid content and sponsorships.

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